random dancer yo~

I doodle-drew a thing for Ownly-Lownly’s fic The Fallen - it’s a phenomenal AU you guys, you should read it!!!

The Fallen

the last three pictures for the snk fic - going to add all of these to the chapters now. ^-^ Jeanmarco babies~~ (though Marco’s freckles are really really faint *whines* I’ll fix it lateerrr)

The sweaters in the christmas tree pic were inspired by Ownly-Lownly’s fic series Like A Drum. You all should read it if you haven’t yet!

In Which Things Happen

coffee coffee coffee~~

College au thingy, Marco is studying for finals, Jean is done. Illustration for chapter four of my secret santa, as I slowly get these pictures uploaded!

Link to the fic:


Have a shitty camera photo until I can get to a scanner. WIP, still trying to figure out what to put in that white space under the wings, you can sorta see my blue pencil drafts haha

so many details and you can’t even see them and that makes me so sad ;A;

inspired by this

uhhh a preview of part of my secret santa gift? I can’t get to a scanner until tomorrow, unfortunately… so this is a shitty phone picture but loookit MArco he’s such a cute he’s ruINING MY LIFE